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2016 Automotive Demo Reel

We’ve been feeling a little nostalgic of late and while a few of our hard drives were getting backed up, we thought it was a good a time as any to celebrate our proud video and animation work within the automotive industry!

Admittedly, it’s long overdue (like every video reel), but we feel incredibly lucky to have worked with some of the best in the business—thank you all sincerely and we look forward to creating some great work together for years to come.

Missed our old reel? Click here to watch it!

Our Favorite Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Super Bowl 50 Ad - Unmasking a Killer

I’ll have to admit, football isn’t my favorite sport—in fact, this year I missed the Super Bowl altogether. But nevertheless, I have always been a fan of dissecting the 7-figure ads that run throughout the game. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to discover one that really piqued our interest—one spawned by the Israeli illustrator and designer Noma Bar about immunotherapy treatment at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

The piece is called “Unmasking a Killer” and in it you’ll find an imaginative, visually-striking way to present ground-breaking medical treatment to the masses. It’s certainly not the first topic you’d imagine hearing about during such an occasion (which in itself provides its own set of unique challenges), nor one that is very easily to explain and dilute down into a commercial, but the very lethal topic is addressed from a forward-thinking prospective that everyone can appreciate rather than fear.

The direction and beautiful animation was not only refreshing to see amidst traditional Super Bowl spots, but also to see the medical world embracing more imaginative mediums. I hope more scientifically-driven companies take the success of this ad as an opportunity to bring their digital marketing into the modern age. Check it out below:

The Start of Something Good

The Roadster Shop normally needs no introduction, but we figured something short to start off a video wouldn’t hurt! After some quick back and forth to hone in on a style that they loved, we got to work and produced this short clip. Feel free to contact us if you need any motion graphics or animation work!

When 550 HP Just Isn’t Enough

If there’s a way to make an escape from Chicago’s winter even better, it’d be to throw in a 650WHP supercharged Lamborghini for good measure. We recently flew down to Phoenix, AZ to visit ESS Tuning—one of the world’s best at adding gobs of power to some of the most exciting cars. I actually run their VT2-625 kit on my own M3, so I was really excited to see the birth place of my supercharger first hand.

I’ll go into our activities during our two-day stint more thoroughly in a different post, but overall, we were thankful of Arizona’s predictable and glorious weather. More than just the warmth, its consistency made it easy for us to keep our shots consistent and uniform between each day in post. Here’s a quick shot from the video after some work in DaVinci:


After we had it all cut together, the real fun began—adding motion graphics. As painstaking and time-consuming as this process may be, it’s a huge distinguishing characteristic between your run-of-the-mill video and something more cutting edge. Here are two quick examples of Illustrator mockups we put together before animation:

ESS Motion Graphics Example 1

Three different supercharger layers were created to make this animation work. It was a bit more challenging than we had originally anticipated because we only had lower resolution JPGs to work with rather than a CAD or OBJ file. As a result, we meticulously created more workable versions ourselves before working on any motion graphics.

ESS Motion Graphics Example 2

It seems to be a running theme that Lamborghinis are very…shape-heavy. Between this and the new Aventador, we thought it best to use geometric shapes within our animations as a little nod to all the hard angles you see on the car itself. We didn’t want to take focus away from the car too much, yet wanted to present key information clearly. As a result, we kept the color palette relatively subdued, save for the details we wanted you to see most.

There’s so much more to say about all the little things we did to make this video what it is, but we were thrilled that ESS loved the video so much. We’re already anxious to escape the cold once again—the next two cars we have lined up with them are going to be TONS of fun. Thanks again to ESS for having us—we had a blast!

Eisenmann F8X M3 / M4 Exhaust Commercial

Last week we had the pleasure of filming the official BMW M3 / M4 commercial for Eisenmann Exhausts. As a bit of background, Eisenmann manufacturers the OEM equipment for some huge brands—Porsche, Mercedes AMG most notably—and has ruled the aftermarket scene for decades. Originally, the plan was to fly out to Germany to shoot theContinue Reading

Ear to Ear – An M3 Media Onslaught

Of all the BMW chassis thus far, the E9x M3 has been our most frequent subject. With the introduction of the new M3/M4, it seemed that the V8 M3 was destined for retirement—until this very special project came to IND Distribution. The car started as a pedestrian M3 DCT convertible owned by a dentist. ItContinue Reading

RDC: “Thank You” Animation Web Spot

2013 ended with a rather delicious bang for us – we had the opportunity to work with (RDC) to produce an animated web spot geared towards thanking their customers for an amazingly successful year. Luckily for us and the projected timeline, RDC was already amidst producing the illustrations that we’d later use for theContinue Reading

IND’s “Blue Max” Project

The IND Distribution “Blue Max” project is easily one of their most ambitious and thorough undertakings as a brand. You can check out the full build thread here to get a sense of how transformative the build was for their team. Since “Blue Max” meant not only pushing the boundaries for what they were doingContinue Reading

Compassion, Fashion & Cocktails 2013

Recently we were invited to take part and sponsor this year’s Compassion, Fashion & Cocktails at Frontier. Surely, not the most creative name out there, but at least you knew what you were going to get. At any rate, we turned what should have been relatively easy work (event coverage and a sponsor logo loop)Continue Reading

Chicago Rally Launch Party

As you may have followed from our previous post about the Chicago Rally launch party, there was quite a big ramp up and shuffle before the event actually took place. The launch itself was no shy undertaking, it spanned over 12-hours of activity in and out of cars – certainly a formidable endurance task forContinue Reading