Meet the Team

Mike Maravilla
Founder, Creative Director, Media

Mike leads Unscene Media’s overall strategic direction, innovation and creative vision. As the head of a small team operation and purveyor of detail, Mike also contributes heavily to the workmanship of UMG's deliverables, whether in design, photography, video or beyond—ensuring its work reflects an exceptional standard.

Cameron Downing
Videographer, Colourist

With a wide array of film experience and a penchant for the latest and greatest in both technological and technical camera developments, Cameron brings a valued perspective to the UMG team. Like his other team members, his skill set extends beyond camera operation—Cameron is a highly capable editor, colorist, and Director of Photography (DOP) as well.

Adam Neer
Motion Graphics, Designer

Adam is responsible for driving forward UMG's portfolio for motion graphics—one of the most rapidly growing services as video marketing becomes increasingly popular. In addition to this role, Adam is able to lend a helping hand in audio production as well as select design and illustration projects.