SEMA 2016

If you need any excuse to walk more than 100,000 steps in a handful of days, SEMA is as good as any. This year, we headed out West to take in the sights of the infamous automotive convention, take some meetings, and get some shooting done. It also turned into an opportune time to bust out our newly acquired DJI Osmo camera. One of the days, I put down the SLR and piloted the mini cam around to some exciting results. Check it out below:

At any rate, it was an amazing time catching up with old friends, making new ones, flexing our creative muscles behind the camera, and probably dropping about 10lbs overall from walking adventures. I found myself gravitated towards Rob Ida’s INCREDIBLE Porsche 930 Turbo—and apparently, so did some of my friends.

IDA Automotive Porsche 930 Turbo

IDA Automotive Porsche 930 Turbo

Scott from Renown USA installing a new 100 Motorsport steering wheel with pride into Rob’s 930.

IDA Automotive Porsche 930 Turbo

IDA Automotive Porsche 930 Turbo

Arslan from Speedhunters snapping photos of the Porsche for a car feature.

Stanceworks Ford Focus RS

I loved the livery scheme on the Stanceworks Focus RS. It continues to amaze me at how they continually bring something fresh to the table after all these years—so many companies nowadays don’t continue to innovate and have fallen into routine—Stanceworks continues to be THE definitive exception.

Griot's Garage "DetailWagen"

Maybe it’s because a large part of me is much more interested in vintage platforms versus anything new, but my goodness this “DetailWagen” was an incredible surprise. I’m pretty sure I was dragging my jaw across the concrete seeing the immaculate V8 under the hood amongst all its perfect proportions.

Chris Marion's KW Classic Porsche 911

Another refreshing sight was this KW-equipped Porsche 911. Everything about it was so properly executed…period correct if you will, but with modern touches and nods that make me thoroughly pleased with the end result.

BMW Moto GP M2 Safety Car

I was actually surprised that there weren’t more M2’s at the show, but I suppose its limited production numbers may have something to do with that. At any rate, the safety car was one of my more preferred examples—it’s always great to see a manufacturer putting together a car to perfect spec right from the factory. And as Clarkson said, this is “the best M car BMW has ever made”. I’m not sure I wholeheartedly agree, but of the modern lineup, it’s the easy choice.

Ferrari-Swapped FRS "4586"

On the complete other end of the coin is this Ferrari-swapped Scion FRS. I’m not sure what else needs to be said…there’s a FERRARI ENGINE in an FRS. Pretty cool.

AirLift Performance 964 and E30 M3

As far as booths were concerned, AirLift actually hooked up their new controllers to the 964 and E30 M3 so that visitors could actually raise and lower the cars to their liking. Pretty cool to see such an interactive demo on these iconic cars.

There was plenty more to see, so if you want to check out our entire gallery, click here.

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