Our Favorite Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Super Bowl 50 Ad - Unmasking a Killer

I’ll have to admit, football isn’t my favorite sport—in fact, this year I missed the Super Bowl altogether. But nevertheless, I have always been a fan of dissecting the 7-figure ads that run throughout the game. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to discover one that really piqued our interest—one spawned by the Israeli illustrator and designer Noma Bar about immunotherapy treatment at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

The piece is called “Unmasking a Killer” and in it you’ll find an imaginative, visually-striking way to present ground-breaking medical treatment to the masses. It’s certainly not the first topic you’d imagine hearing about during such an occasion (which in itself provides its own set of unique challenges), nor one that is very easily to explain and dilute down into a commercial, but the very lethal topic is addressed from a forward-thinking prospective that everyone can appreciate rather than fear.

The direction and beautiful animation was not only refreshing to see amidst traditional Super Bowl spots, but also to see the medical world embracing more imaginative mediums. I hope more scientifically-driven companies take the success of this ad as an opportunity to bring their digital marketing into the modern age. Check it out below:

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