Behind the Scenes, In Front of the Lens

I’ve been spending time at eFab Motorsports a lot lately in light of getting together media for the new website we’re building for them, as well as getting some work done on Project Aubergine. Last week I had the chance to switch out of photo mode and start recording some video—this chapter to show a behind the scenes glimpse of fabrication work. Not only did it turn out to be a really cool (and often unseen) look into the process behind the product, but also added a refreshingly new way to present eFab’s work.

I’ve always found behind the scenes work rather fascinating, and watching fabrication work come together made me want to shoot it in dramatic fashion. I aimed to couple the raw metal working theatrics with moody lighting—an effect that I think complimented the style of the video quite well.

We are very excited to be helping eFab Motorsports take that proverbial next step over the next couple months. Their work ethic and attention to detail is something that echoes our own philosophies, which certainly makes the process incredibly gratifying. Enjoy the edit!

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