When 550 HP Just Isn’t Enough

If there’s a way to make an escape from Chicago’s winter even better, it’d be to throw in a 650WHP supercharged Lamborghini for good measure. We recently flew down to Phoenix, AZ to visit ESS Tuning—one of the world’s best at adding gobs of power to some of the most exciting cars. I actually run their VT2-625 kit on my own M3, so I was really excited to see the birth place of my supercharger first hand.

I’ll go into our activities during our two-day stint more thoroughly in a different post, but overall, we were thankful of Arizona’s predictable and glorious weather. More than just the warmth, its consistency made it easy for us to keep our shots consistent and uniform between each day in post. Here’s a quick shot from the video after some work in DaVinci:


After we had it all cut together, the real fun began—adding motion graphics. As painstaking and time-consuming as this process may be, it’s a huge distinguishing characteristic between your run-of-the-mill video and something more cutting edge. Here are two quick examples of Illustrator mockups we put together before animation:

ESS Motion Graphics Example 1

Three different supercharger layers were created to make this animation work. It was a bit more challenging than we had originally anticipated because we only had lower resolution JPGs to work with rather than a CAD or OBJ file. As a result, we meticulously created more workable versions ourselves before working on any motion graphics.

ESS Motion Graphics Example 2

It seems to be a running theme that Lamborghinis are very…shape-heavy. Between this and the new Aventador, we thought it best to use geometric shapes within our animations as a little nod to all the hard angles you see on the car itself. We didn’t want to take focus away from the car too much, yet wanted to present key information clearly. As a result, we kept the color palette relatively subdued, save for the details we wanted you to see most.

There’s so much more to say about all the little things we did to make this video what it is, but we were thrilled that ESS loved the video so much. We’re already anxious to escape the cold once again—the next two cars we have lined up with them are going to be TONS of fun. Thanks again to ESS for having us—we had a blast!

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