RDC: “Thank You” Animation Web Spot


2013 ended with a rather delicious bang for us – we had the opportunity to work with Restaurant.com (RDC) to produce an animated web spot geared towards thanking their customers for an amazingly successful year. Luckily for us and the projected timeline, RDC was already amidst producing the illustrations that we’d later use for the video (thanks Elisha!) so I was able to jump in during the storyboard phase to provide some further input.


In addition to producing the video from RDC’s assets, we were also heralded with the responsibility to produce the sound effects for the clip and also record and polish a voiceover track. Foregoing more traditional avenues and for the sake of getting the ball rolling, we opted to use RDC staff to fulfill the need.


Once we got all the assets straightened out and optimized for use in After Effects, the work went smoothly. In order to make sure that we nailed the vision and look from the get-go, we got into the habit of sending sections of the completed video to the Restaurant.com team to review. Luckily, not too many revisions came back and we were able to power through the animations and match it with an audio track.


All in all, we had an awesome time working with the RDC team on this little spot! Thanks so much to Elisha for recommending Unscene Media for the project – it was great working with you again and closing out 2013 with a really fun collaboration. Hope it’s just the start! Here’s the video in case you missed it:

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