The ChiroFit Barrington Story

Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit ChiroFit Barrington to film its daily happenings and interview its founder, Dr. David Crosson D.C. FMS, SFMA about his unique practice. Seeing that a close friend of mine also works within the chiropractic industry, I was very curious to see how David’s office would differ. Needless to say, I was very much impressed by the breadth of services that Dr. Crosson is able to offer, their commitment to proper diagnosis and treatment and also the willingness of the entire staff to lend their expertise when a curious soul (like me) inquires about their activities.

I didn’t expect to learn so much while filming, but I’m happy to say that I did. I was even able to try out some of the equipment and get a brief look into how my own fitness could improve. Big thanks to David and his staff for having me out – we love telling brand stories and really finding the words to describe their business to their audience. I look forward to coming back for more in the near future!

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