The DSLR Revolution

Erin Fong, a California College of the Arts student, thought that the DSLR as we know it today could use a major makeover…and she wasn’t referring to just megapixel count and better ISO control – it’s a whole new look that even makes humans tilt their head to the side a bit.

After heads return back to center, this nova camera (as she calls it) has gotten mixed reviews. Some embrace the new look willingly while conservatives argue that its new shape doesn’t lend itself to sturdy tripod mounts and the like. Then again, if this really is the form of the DSLR future, I’m sure everything will evolve accordingly.

So how does it work?

“It takes the standard DSLR format and modifies it by splitting the control over two arms putting all the control right at the user’s finger tips. the arms can move around the central lens allowing a multitude of picture taking positions. the design is perfect for right and left-handed users and can even be operated with only one handle, borrowing from the camera phone style of picture taking. the design aims to explore the form of the camera now that it isn’t dictated by the conventions of film.”

Personally, I don’t see any reason why cameras shouldn’t evolve in form. Although there will always be a place for conventional bodies, it’s great to see people think outside the norm because of considering current and inevitable technological advancements in the industry. These cameras would look right at home in our hovercraft cars, no?

Via [DesignBoom]

4 Responses to The DSLR Revolution

  1. Albert says:

    this makes complete sense b/c we are living in a digital world now. our images are captured electronically. there's no need for the traditional form factor b/c we're not loading 35mm film anymore. SLR's can get lighter and cheaper!

  2. Alexander says:

    this is a very interesting concept, i definitely see a ton of benefits to shooting like this. a HUGE step away from tradition, haha. but as long as its full frame and i can attach my current lenses to it, im all for it hahaha. great post Mike.

  3. techn9ne says:

    Looks like an X-Wing or something!

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